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Our Mission

Our Animal Ministry Mission

OUR MISSION:  Our mission is to support no-kill animal rescues and shelters in the Ventura and Los Angeles counties with funding, volunteers, foster homes, and supplies.  It is also our mission to educate the public about the importance of spay and neutering and ways to care for their pets and keep them healthy through seminars and workshops.  Funds will be distributed to rescues and/or shelters in emergency situations when they need support, with the proper documentation from the rescue/shelter.  
Animal Ministry Guidelines
1) Teaching:  We want to reach people, mainly kids, and show them that animals deserve our respect, our compassion, our protection and our love.  When a person pets a dog or cat and feels the energy and trust of that animal, they may not be as liable to violate an animal.  Animals are the best teachers of unconditional Love.  They can comfort your when you are in pain or depressed.  The can give you hope, joy, and laughter.  We all need a “Paw To Lean On”
2) Spaying – Neutering:  We want to teach people how to be responsible pet owners.   It saves the pets from health problems, as well as it reduces the number of animals euthanized at the shelters.  We recommend low cost spay/neutering and low cost vaccines at some of the clinics around town.   Also check out the Rancho Simi Parks and Rec for free or low cost clinics. 
3) Adopt, don’t shop:  This is the motto of the man shelters and rescues.  There is no place for puppy mills in this world! One animal adopted is one life saved!
4) Defense: Most foods are full of fillers such as corn and grain.  Animals are mostly carnivors, which means they need protein.   Feeding your pets cheap kibble can lead to high vet costs and disease in your pets.    
5) Volunteering:  There are several shelters/rescues that need help with animals.  See our flyer or website to see where you can volunteer your time, talent, or treasure.  Foster homes for these pets are also needed.  Contact the shelter/rescue for more information.
6) Needs:  Blankets, bedding, toys, leashes, bowls... and even new items that can be sold.   We also collect money for helping the shelters.    Every dollar counts!
7) Special Events: Our Animal Ministry sponsors fundraisers for our shelters/rescues at different times of the year.  Ex: Our “Pause for Paws” event in March each year where we have booths, live music, police dog demo, animal training, pets to adopt and so much more.  These funds will be distributed to organizations upon receipt of a Financial Request Form located on our website; www.cslsimi.org or by contacting Rev. Maggie Urpin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 805-210-2221
8) Fundraiser events:  This Center will continue to strive to have fundraisers for various shelters/rescues throughout the community.  If you have any ideas that would be a good fundraiser or how to help these animals, you can contact Rev. Maggie Urpin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 805-210-2221
9) Donate: See out list of items needed by the shelters and bring into the Center.  We have a basket in our lobby and the items will be distributed to a shelter a month.


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